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   What are these extra costs for new computer purchases

You notice a new laptop is on sale for $349 this weekend -- what a steal, right? Maybe not. Here are some common cases where that $349 quickly increases in price:

  • You might need to replace your word processing program

  • You might need to replace your backup system

  • You need to account for file and data transfers

  • You need to account for your computer setup, especially if you need assistance with removing unnecessary programs and ensuring everything is up to date and functioning properly

  • You might need some help figuring out how your new system works

  • You might need to extend the warranty (some credit cards offer extensions of manufacturer warranties for second year, but if you expect your computer to last longer than that, you may want to look into extended warranties for the longest period you can get)

  • You need to ensure that the computer will meet your needs today and in the future – the best deal on technology might not be your best long term solution to meet your ongoing needs.

While you may find that the deal is enough of a deal to make it worthwhile, often there are these added costs that you need to consider that do increase the final price you pay for a new computer

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