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Tech Audit

Are your systems healthy?

Your doctor conducts your annual physical; we assess your technology situation.Just as with your physical health, a brief investment of time can have a very positive impact on business health.Our tech audit can help you decide the next step in your organization's wellbeing.

   Here's how it works.

  • Notaria will send a technician onsite for either a morning or afternoon session at your office

  • A Notaria technician will review all your systems and the services that you have available, will make recommendations on things you can improve and what you can be doing differently to help you save money over the long term / increase productivity

  • We may make recommendations related to any of the following: Internet service, domain hosting, email hosting, hardware, networking,software, etc. Our recommendations vary based on your needs and office expectations

  • At the end of the audit, if you would like technical support as well, the technician may be able to stay longer if you have morning session; technical support that occurs outside of the tech audit will be billed at our regular rates. Of course, if we finish the tech audit early, the remaining time can be used for questions or support while you have a technician at your office

  • Although the tech audit is normally 3 hours, we can customize this to your needs, depending on office size and what you want reviewed. The rate varies based on how much customization you would like; please contact us for more information

Contact us to setup your tech audit